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June 27, 2013

Deliver a Complete Shopping Experience with
Magento and Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration

Author Amelia Warner
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Microsoft Dynamics AX landscape provides exceptional opportunities for retailers. Dynamics AX addresses all critical scenarios that drive retailing, while making it possible to implement the innovative changes that lie ahead. When you integrate this software with the robust eCommerce of Magento, for instance, it will open up more possibilities and creates a personalized, convenient experience that is consistent from the front end to the backend. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers agility, while Magento offers great flexibility. When you integrate the two together, you achieve a highly-effective dynamic solution that connects your retail business from end to end.

Simplify Your Complex System
The integration of Dynamics AX and Magento is so dynamic in nature, it will reduce the complexity for retailers by blending all the different business processes together. You will even be able to explore different channels so you can focus on the areas of your business that need it most, such as connecting to customers, empowering your salespeople and delivering on your processes of excellence within your brand.

Maximize the Benefits
The full integration of Dynamics AX and Magento allows you to enjoy the full potential of both systems. Retailers and Manufactures can now use AX to implement promotions, offer discounts, launch direct marketing campaigns and use coupons to target devices and social media networks. You can also create new customer engagement opportunities. An integrated Magento automates the various elements of a typical business process, including warehousing, stores, the online store, POS and head office. All these elements are connected with real-time updates whenever one is altered. You will also gain the ability to seamlessly handle multiple channels to expand the reach of your sales. This integrated experience leads to exceptional customer centricity so you can create new and compelling customer engagement opportunities. The integration also reduces the number of human errors, as well as the resources needed to run your business.

Automate Your System Out of the Box
When you integrate Dynamics AX with Magento, you will receive a long list of features right out of the box. For instance, when a merchant integrates AX with his Magento online store, he will receive an automated sales management and sales process, along with sales force. This gives the salesperson greater control, which leads to more sales for your business. This can be a major boost to a mid-sized or enterprise business through the innovative features and flexibility you will receive. These two software solutions complement each other perfectly and create the ideal opportunity to increase your return on investment.

Your Solution
The Magento AX Connect solution from i95Dev provides businesses with a 360 degree view from one touch point within your system. All the various aspects of your business will be integrated together, from your merchandising to your supply chain to your financials, experiencing real-time updates throughout your business. This is a powerful end-to-end solution that smoothly and easily integrates with all your other backend systems, including your ERP, CRM, POS and marketplaces to offer you cross channel and multichannel capabilities, while delivering personal convenience and transparency between all channels. With this cross-channel linking, Magento AX Connect provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution  that allows retailers to make the most of their business and provide a seamless shopping experience. Give Magento AX Connect a try today to offer your customers  a complete shopping experience with your Magento online store and allow your employees to become more productive with automated processes.

To learn more about our Magento AX Connect, contact us or 301-760-7499 or visit our product page.

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