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April 14, 2014

i95Dev elicits EGE at
Retail Realm 2014

Author Mark Johnson
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Just off the heels of a successful outing in March to Microsoft Dynamics’ Convergence 2014 in Atlanta, i95Dev is pushing ahead by attending another Dynamics conference – Retail Realm on April 24-26 in glittering Las Vegas. Retail Realm, as the name implies, focuses on serving the retail industry and is expected to offer fresh new concepts in retailing technology. Retail Realm 2014 also provides an opportunity to learn directly from the Microsoft Dynamics team about the future of RMS, RMS Next Generation, AX for Retail and much more.

Why should you participate?

The more you learn, the more you gain. Retail Realm 2014 is one of the most awaited retail business software events of 2014 and is expected to offer insight on existing concepts and future trends in retail. Concurrently, IT prospects will connect with the reseller network; interact with Microsoft representatives, solution / hardware providers, and retail industry professionals. The event is matchless and beneficial for retail-oriented businesses in several aspects:

  • The event solely showcases MS Dynamics solutions such as Retail Management System (RMS), Next Gen RMS, POS2009, and AX for Retail and related add-ons and technologies.
  • Retail Realm 2014 is centered on retail technology and offers a chance at a fuller understanding of the topic. The event shares the latest news and updates from Microsoft and the future of retail.
  • The conference links the reseller network, solution providers, retail industry professionals, and retailers.
  • For those eagerly awaiting the AX for Retail, the event offers an exhaustive educational session track.

What i95Dev offers you?

Our newly developed E-commerce Growth Engine (EGE) for Microsoft Dynamics systems is a unique solution for retailers using Dynamics. i95Dev’s EGE is a feature-rich application suite built on the Magento platform that enables retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to optimize their online sales and service. EGE expands and augments both B2B and B2C sales channels by allowing real-time access to a bounty of third-party systems, tools and applications, including multiple webs, mobile and Facebook stores and third-party marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay. Take a look on how EGE could transform your business model.
Catch one of our experts and learn more on how EGE can benefit your business multifold by bringing in Omni-channel experience, reaching a global market, building customer loyalty and increasing operational efficiency and sales.

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